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Decisions, decisions...

As much as I love Costume College, I'm thinking that it will be too much next summer. We have booked a major trip in July, a week on a live-aboard dive boat in the Red Sea, then a junket into Egypt (Cairo and Luxor) to dabble our toes in antiquity. That will take up most, if not all, of my vacation time and money if I'm still working in this hellhole. If not, there could be more of both but it would still be hard to plan two trips so close together.

So I'm thinking that maybe I can justify a quick trip to Williamsburg in March...you know, to take the waters, enjoy the balmy breezes....what's that you say? A half-dozen of my favorite West Coast costumers will be there for a cool symposium? I might not have to go two years without seeing them? Well, maybe not such a tough decision...anybody need a roommate?

Of course, it's not my period so I have exactly nothing to wear. Hmmm.

Sigh of relief...

There is finally something happy to report. I talked to my mom today and they have gotten some good news--my stepdad's cancer seems to be responding to the treatment! The main tumor appears to have shrunk something like 80% since they discovered it a month ago.

I know there are no guarantees of anything. It could bounce back tomorrow or next month or next year...but I'm so relieved for right now I keep taking big breaths and exhaling "whew!" I hadn't realized how much I'd been holding my breath.

He's feeling better and more positive and hopefully my mom will get a chance to catch her breath, too.

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The Wonderful, Awful Idea

Part 1 of The Idea is for my Gala (or Tea?) costume for CoCo next year. In keeping with the Belle Epoque/anti-temperance themes (and my own reprobate inclinations), I am seized by the desire to personify La Fee Verte, the "spirit" of absinthe.

The anti-absinthe movement really gained traction in 1905, with a series of infamous murders in France, and absinthe was demonized and outlawed in the US in 1910...so fin de siècle style a la Mucha or Klimt from La Fee's glory days would be perfect--or I can do a 'teens gown, after she's on the down-low. I have found some fabric, so it's practically a done deal, right?

However, this definitely will require an accessory I have not made before. I must have wings, and I want to make them out of irridescent cellophane and vinyl (for travel sturdiness) with wire veins. I've found some web tutorials and this looks totally doable, but I wondered if any of my dear readers have experience with this and could offer more insight. Otherwise, I will post my results as they come.

Part 2 of The Idea is that it would be fun to enlist as many people as possible in the movement to Repeal Prohibition. What do you guys think about making up badge-ribbons with an anti-Prohibition slogan to be given out to anyone found consuming spirits at CoCo? Anybody have experience with having these made, for sources or pricing? Clever ideas for slogans? (La Fee may have to hand out green ones that say "I believe in fairies.")

Going up...

Last night's singalong with Great Big Sea was a blast from Newfoundland to Wolf Trap! I enjoyed the concert more this year because my knee is so much better and I could actually stand up and see the band--last year we didn't realize that the crowd really does stay on their feet for the whole concert, dancing and clapping and singing along!

Sometimes you just don't need more grim music.  There is a lot of Great Big Sea on my Fizzy Lifting Tunes playlist.


Costume College 2010 pix

Are at
I'm home from LA, having had a wonderful extension of my trip, staying with
[info]bauhausfrau . It's been a great vacation and I'm sad that it's over! More pictures and details forthcoming, after sleeping.



This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Ok, I'm bored now...

With steampunk. As in "paint it brass, glue a cog on it, it's brown, it must be steampunk." Oh, and maybe throw in a cute cat print, too.

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And yes, I know that my last post was about painting things gold and sticking chains on.


Yay! I made something!

In about 15 minutes! No, really, this is hugely exciting! I have made very little progress on a new outfit for CoCo, for which I want to wear steampunk-styled garb, and progress was further slowed over the weekend by sewing machine failure.

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Belated Birthday Cakes

It's been a long time since I have been posting regularly! I thought I'd post a few pictures of some of the projects that have been keeping me from sewing and posting.Read more...Collapse )

Fingers crossed

That I'm doing the right thing, I've decided to hang tough where I am. I had long talks with the Chef and one owner yesterday and have been seduced again by hope (or inertia?) Better the Devil you know, I say...

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